A japanese horror ttrpg inspired by world of horror and itou junji.
ROADS is a single player Death Stranding RPG
Welcome to Jih-Go Gate. The one true religion of the card game Jih-Go.
CBT is a miniature skirmish expansion for BDSM and a standalone game.
A TTRPG set in the summer of 1995, Japan. Hunt yōkai as kids in a sleepy Japanese town.
A oozingly disgusting rpg about ever-changing mutants in a sewer world known as the Undermuck.
MILF is the first big expansion to Below Dwelling Sewer Mutants, the hit Sludge-Punk OSR ttrpg.
A commercialist hell of an RPG.
A Tabletop rpg guide about a post-apocalyptic world where giant spiders have taken over.
A GM-free pen and paper fishing game for 2+ players.
A miniature game set in a distant future where humanity is dead. Played in 15 minutes.
A Single Player RPG about Mechs and the End of the World
A GM'less Slash and Kill in a city with more psychos than laws.
A systemless expansion for any ttrpg. A tower of wax and flame and ice and pain.
A foldable booklet for a systemless setting based around a city, carved into the mouth of a great dead leviathan.
A pen and paper Tabletop Miniature game. All contained within a single 6 page book.
A single page GM'less TTRPG about getting Halloween candy, apocalypse or not.
A single page GM'less horror TTRPG about a murderous hotel.
Joe is an ordinary guy. With 3 ordinary screaming skulls.
A single page GM'less TTRPG about being hunted by Herne the Hunter.
A fight for might among kaiju! A GM'less ttrpg about punching giant monsters.
A TTRPG about killing your father and taking his money.
A single page gmless ttrpg about being top mutie in a rancid sewer whilst you hunt for prey.
A GM'less horror ttrpg on a single page.
A Larping game about 2 ghosts.
A Choose your own Twisting Tale for your favourite cartoon cat!
A submission to Artifacts of Horror Jam 2022. A strange recording of 804.8